About us

With a reputation for taking on well-funded corporates, the Keller Postman UK lawyers are some of the best in the business.

A talented team with top-notch credentials and exceptional legal experience.

Experts in a wide range of commercial, employment and consumer litigation, when it comes to getting justice for our clients against big companies, we don’t just even the score, we take the fight to them. The strength and means of our firm ensure that we never have to back down from a challenge. And with access to whatever resources we need – be that time to go the long-haul or the expertise to delve deep into the evidence – Keller Postman UK has everything it takes to win.

With years of experience working in commercial litigation and a genuine understanding of the inner workings of large defendants, our knowledge of the business world sets us apart from the usual group action law firm. In addition, our deep understanding of the litigation system – from the best people to use on any case to the most effective technical approach – means we are perfectly placed to deliver justice.

Keller Postman UK is a founding member of the Collective Redress Lawyers Association (CORLA). CORLA has been established to improve access to justice for claimants by way of collective redress. 

Keller Postman UK Associate Nate Barber is CORLA’s Membership Secretary.    

Why use Keller Postman UK to make a claim?

We are one of the most experienced multi-claimant legal firms in England and Wales.

Our legal team represents tens of thousands of workers and consumers across England & Wales.

We act for clients who deserve to win, and we do everything we can to ensure that they do.

We have all the resources and expertise necessary to take on complicated cases and win.

We are never afraid of a fight and are ready to take on large, deep-pocket defendants that other law firms shy away from.

From specialist barristers to expert lawyers, we always make sure you get the best possible legal support.

We have offices in Chancery Lane London, Liverpool and Birmingham, and the technology to provide a nationwide service. So we can help clients across England & Wales.

We combine expertise and technology to streamline the legal process and deliver an efficient, hassle-free experience to our clients.

We don't take on a case unless we believe we can win, and we are so confident in this that our clients don't pay us a penny unless we succeed*.

We are commercial litigation experts

Although our expert lawyers come from a wide range of backgrounds and boast a wealth of different experiences, we all share an unwavering commitment to excellence when it comes to representing our clients.

Our senior team has worked as defendant lawyers representing large corporates and, as such, we have a deep insight into their strategic thinking and tactics. Having experienced the litigation process from both sides, we anticipate our opponents’ moves and negotiation strategies and always stay one step ahead. What’s more, our founders have significant experience managing litigation-related investments which helps us to assess the financial aspects of our cases astutely.

Put simply, the Keller Postman UK team knows what it takes to succeed.

The Keller Postman UK vision

Too many large companies are exploiting their workforce and failing to uphold their customers’ rights. At Keller Postman UK, we make sure they don’t get away with it.

With a reputation for standing up to well-funded corporates, our lawyers are some of the best in the business.

With extensive experience in complex, multi-claimant litigation, our team represents individuals against large, well-funded companies. And we help our clients to achieve justice.

Our values

At Keller Postman UK, we pride ourselves on being a values-led law firm. This means:

Our commitment

Everyone at Keller Postman UK shares an unwavering commitment to excellence. This means we always strive to:

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