Keller Postman UK & CORLA

Keller Postman UK is a founding member of CORLA (Collective Redress Lawyers Association).

It is the view of many that the current collective redress and group litigation regime needs improvement and reform. In response, the Collective Redress Lawyers Association (CORLA) was founded by a group of law firms that are deeply committed to improving access to justice for claimants by way of collective redress.

Established in November 2021, Keller Postman UK is a founding member of CORLA, alongside Edwin Coe, Hausfeld, Leigh Day, Milberg London, and PGMBM.

Keller Postman UK Associate Nate Barber is CORLA’s Membership Secretary, while Legal Director Eleanor Leedham is CORLA’s Marketing Officer.

CORLA aims to:

Ultimately, CORLA will promote and push for reforms to ensure that the UK offers consumers the very highest standard of collective redress. 

You can find out more about CORLA here.