Investment Fraud &

We act for individuals, businesses and groups of consumers who have been mis-sold investment schemes and products.

Our Investment Fraud & Mis-Selling Actions

We work with clients who have been impacted by investment scams, frauds and mis-selling by professional advisors to obtain redress where they have suffered loss due to unlawful conduct or negligence. We typically work with groups of individuals or businesses to recover their losses on a collective basis as this is a more powerful and cost-effective method of obtaining redress. The size of these group claims ranges from a small number of claimants to many thousands pursuing a common outcome.

We work closely with consumer organisations, financial regulators and government agencies to lobby for better access to justice for consumers and vulnerable groups who have become victims of corrupt or negligent investments.

With a deep understanding of and extensive experience in investment mis-selling and fraud claims, our expert team investigates and pursues claims in the UK and beyond. Acting on behalf of individuals, we make claims against liable financial organisations. In addition, where required, we are experienced in tracing and recovering the proceeds of fraud. We can also secure emergency relief such as freezing injunctions and search and seizure orders.

Experts in complex litigation and multi-claimant actions against fraudsters, professional advisors and financial institutions, when it comes to getting justice for our clients, we have everything it takes to win.

If you have made risky or bad investments based on incorrect, incomplete, or negligent financial advice, you might be able to claim compensation to cover your losses.

Types of Mis-sold Investment Claims

Our current actions:

Military Pension Mis-Selling

Thousands of British Armed Forces personnel were targeted in the military pensions scandal.  If you were persuaded to transfer your British Armed Forces pension to a private scheme, we can help you claim back what you are due.

SIPP, QROPS and Personal Pension Mis-selling

With pension mis-selling, victims have transferred from safe and secure final salary/defined benefit pensions into SIPPs, QROPS or other unsuitable personal pensions. We can help you to make a compensation claim. 

Sports Investment Fraud

Thousands of sportsmen and women have fallen victim to investment scams. If you are affected, we can help you claim back what you are due.

Why claim investment mis-selling compensation?

Hold financial advisors to account for providing sub-standard or criminal professional advice.
Receive financial compensation for any losses or harm suffered.


Force financial advisors and institutions to improve standards and levels of client care.

Why use Keller Postman UK to make a claim?

We are one of the most experienced multi-claimant legal firms in England and Wales.

Our legal team represents tens of thousands of workers and consumers across England & Wales.

We act for clients who deserve to win, and we do everything we can to ensure that they do.

We have all the resources and expertise necessary to take on complicated cases and win.

We are never afraid of a fight and are ready to take on large, deep-pocket defendants that other law firms shy away from.

From specialist barristers to expert lawyers, we always make sure you get the best possible legal support.

We have offices in Chancery Lane London, Birmingham and Liverpool, and the technology to provide a nationwide service, so we can help clients across England & Wales.

We combine expertise and technology to streamline the legal process and deliver an efficient, hassle-free experience to our clients.

We don't take on a case unless we believe we can win, and we are so confident in this that our clients don't pay us a penny unless we succeed*.

Your questions answered

See our answers to the FAQs we get asked about investment mis-selling claims.

Professional financial advisers owe you a specific duty of care to ensure that their advice to you and any related financial products they sell to you are suitable and appropriate for your circumstances. The information they provide to you must be clear, fair and not misleading and any risks must be clearly and properly explained. Some common examples of mis-selling are:

  • The advice you received was unsuitable for your circumstances and the outcome was not what you expected.
  • You did not receive the full details of the financial product sold and you purchased a product that turned out to be unsuitable.
  • The risks of a financial product were not properly explained, or were downplayed or misrepresented.
  • Your adviser recommended a switch of your existing plans to a new provider without a clear and coherent reason.
  • The charges and fees involved in the advice and/or financial product were not clearly explained and disclosed.
  • You have suffered significant financial loss which has had a serious detriment on your standard of living.
  • You have lost valuable guarantees (such as a final salary pension guarantee) on the advice of a professional financial adviser.
  • You suspect that the investment product you were sold was in-fact a fraud or an unregulated investment and you have lost money.


No – even if you haven’t lost any money yet, if the financial product or advice provided wasn’t suitable for you, you may still be able to make a complaint and pursue a claim for investment mis-selling. You cannot claim just because an investment performed badly – some investments are risky – but you can claim where the product or advice was unsuitable and the financial adviser failed to properly assess your needs and objectives and take your personal circumstances into account. Additionally, some mis-selling claims such as final salary pension transfers or pension switching cases involve complex calculations where the financial losses are not yet visible or easy to spot. You may be missing out on potential returns or valuable benefits as a result of being mis-sold. We will help you to work out whether you are able to make a mis-selling claim.

We have significant experience in handling financial fraud and mis-selling claims. Our expert team will assess your situation and investigate what has happened on your behalf. If we conclude that you have a valid claim, we will explain the next steps and help you to claim compensation to cover the losses that you have suffered.

If you have lost a large percentage of your investment as a result of poor advice, corrupt advisers, hard sales or pressure selling, high fees or having your financial products switched unnecessarily, it is likely that you have been mis-sold. You cannot claim just because an investment performed badly – some investments are risky – but you can claim where the product or advice was unsuitable and the financial adviser failed to properly assess your needs and objectives and take your personal circumstances into account.

By speaking to our expert team, we will review your investment and investigate what has happened to determine whether you have a claim for mis-selling.

A financial adviser acting negligently and mis-selling you a financial product is not necessarily a criminal offence unless a criminal fraud occurs. However, this is a complex area of law and our team will be able to assess your situation and advise you on the best course of action for claiming compensation for your losses.

The level of compensation that we may be able to recover for you will depend on a number of factors including:

  • the type of financial product you have taken out
  • whether or not you used a regulated financial adviser to make the investment
  • when you made the investment
  • whether the financial adviser who sold you the product is still in business
  • whether the adviser in question is still regulated and authorised by the FCA.
  • Whether or not a criminal fraud has occurred

Our expert team will assess your situation and advise you of the likely amount of compensation that may be achieved in your case.

Yes, there are a number of potential routes to compensation if your financial adviser has gone out of business, including the statutory redress scheme know as the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Our team will assess your claim and advise you of the available routes to compensation.

Our fee will depend on the nature and complexity of the mis-selling claim and will be fully explained and disclosed to you before we undertake any work on your case. If we are unsuccessful at recovering compensation for you, in most cases there will be no cost to you at all.

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