What’s been happening at Keller Lenkner UK in February 2022?


In our regular monthly update, we share the latest news from our firm.

We settled our Ticketmaster data breach action

We were delighted to announce that claimants represented by Keller Lenkner UK settled their High Court action against Ticketmaster.

The claims for compensation were brought in excess of 1,000 customers who claimed their data was compromised as a result of a cyberattack perpetrated on software supplied to Ticketmaster by a third party and operated on that third party’s systems and servers. Ticketmaster denies liability for the claims and the settlement was made on a no admission basis. The terms of the settlement are otherwise confidential.

We launched two new data breach actions

In February 2022, we also launched two new data breach group actions.

  • We launched a Parasol data breach action after a cyberattack resulted in the personal data of contractors and employees being accessed by cybercriminals. Some of this data was later shared online. FIND OUT MORE.
  • We launched an Ardagh data breach action following a cyberattack at the businesses in May 2021. Nine months after the security breach, Ardagh wrote to employees to warn them that their personal information might have been exposed in the attack. FIND OUT MORE.

Mark Kenkre explored the Binance and Coinbase system outages

Partner Mark Kenkre examined the legal implications stemming from crypto exchange system outages in The Fintech Times.

He warned potential investors that all is well in the world of cryptocurrency trading, stating that, “if as many believe, cryptocurrency trading represents a new kind of wild west in the grip of a full-on gold rush, there seems to be a worrying lack of sheriffs in town”. Mark’s full article can be found here.

We filed further claims against Tesco in the High Court

In a group action claim against Tesco, Keller Lenkner UK is helping store workers make an equal pay claim against the supermarket giant for failing to pay a comparable wage to employees working in its distribution centres. In February 2022, Keller Lenkner UK filed a Part 7 equal pay claim against Tesco on behalf of almost 2,000 employees.

We look forward to bringing you more news from across our business next month.

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