What’s been happening in March 2022?


In our regular monthly update, we share the latest news from our firm.

Keller Lenkner UK was shortlisted for three categories at the Modern Law Awards 2022

We were extremely pleased to announce that Keller Lenkner UK was shortlisted in three categories at this year’s Modern Law Awards. The categories we were nominated in were Business Growth Award, Innovation of the Year and Boutique Law Firm of the Year. 

We celebrated IWD

Committed to fostering a culture of equality and diversity, at Keller Lenkner UK we are passionate about supporting women in the workplace. Some of the ways we do this are through career progression, representation, and by celebrating the achievements of the outstanding women in our firm. To mark International Women’s Day (IWD) 2022, Keller Lenkner UK shone a spotlight on some of the women who make our firm what it is. We were also proud to take part in a Keller Lenkner UK International Women’s Day Panel Event.

We looked at three new supermarket equal pay class actions

In March, we discussed three new actions to help store workers in Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons claim equal pay compensation. Associate Nathaniel Barber examined the equal pay cases against supermarkets in The Legal Diary.

Nathaniel’s article can be found here. 

We launched two new data breach actions

In March 2022, we also launched two new data breach group actions.

  • In February 2022, Greencore warned employees that their personal information might have been exposed following a cyberattack. In March 2022, Keller Lenkner UK launched an action to help those involved claim compensation. FIND OUT MORE.
  • As a result of a huge cyberattack, thousands of people had their confidential medical data breached and posted online. In total, 13 organisations were affected, six of which are healthcare related. In March 2022, Keller Lenkner UK launched an action against The Lister Fertility Clinic. FIND OUT MORE. 

Mark Kenkre outlined his top tips to avoid crypto scams

Partner Mark Kenkre examined the common types of cryptocurrency scams and methods to avoid them in the Express.

Mark’s article can be found here. Mark’s article was also published in FNTalk, SVSINDS and Germanic News. 

We look forward to bringing you more news from across our business next month.

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