What’s been happening at Keller Postman UK in November 2022?  


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Andrew Nugent Smith was interviewed by BCL Legal’s The Brief

Managing Partner Andrew Nugent Smith recently spoke to The Brief, BCL Legal’s hub of industry knowledge, opinions, and interviews from top legal professionals.  Andrew discussed Keller Postman UK’s inception, its strategy, the market for class actions in the UK, and the role that collective redress plays in providing access to justice.   


We launched a group action claim against Suffolk Police

Highly sensitive personal information involving victims of sexual assault has been exposed following a data privacy leak at Suffolk Police. The information exposed in this data breach includes:   

  • The names, addresses, and dates of birth of victims  
  • Details of the alleged sexual offences committed. 

According to Suffolk Police, the privacy violation relates to inquiries into sexual offences and offences that occurred in schools which were reported between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2019. 

Keller Postman UK has launched a group action to help those involved in the Suffolk Police data security failure claim compensation for any distress or harm experienced because of this breach.  

If you are involved in the Suffolk Police data breach, or suspect that you might be, contact us immediately. We can help you to make a no-win, no-fee compensation claim for the negligent treatment of your data and the breach of your right to privacy.   


We created two data breach guides

At Keller Postman UK, our data breach lawyers remove the jargon from data privacy claims to ensure our clients are always fully informed. And, in November 2022, we created two guides to help raise awareness of our Currys PC World/Dixons Travel and Zoosk data breach group actions.  

We started a campaign to raise awareness of British Steel pension mis-selling compensation

In 2017, many workers were advised to swap their secure “final salary” British Steel pensions into SIPPS, QROPS, and other types of personal pensions. But while the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) provided a generous pay-out on retirement and kept pace with inflation, the new pensions often did not deliver comparable remunerations. This left many steelworkers significantly worse off on retirement.  

In most cases, the affected steelworkers suffered losses of around £82,000, but for some workers, this rose to £489,000. Almost 8,000 people could be affected by this scandal, with around £2.8 billion transferred from British Steel’s pension scheme.   

The financial advisors caught-up in this scandal often received commission or other fees for facilitating the pension transfers. Around 50% of the advice given to BSPS members was unsuitable. Better Retirement Group (BRG) is one of the companies found guilty of British Steel pension mis-selling.   

We are currently looking into a group action case against Better Retirement Group and in November 2022 we launched a campaign to raise awareness of BSPS mis-selling. 

If you were persuaded to transfer your British Steel pension to a private scheme – either by BRG or another advisor – you might have been mis-sold and we can help you to make a claim.  


We look forward to bringing you more Keller Postman UK news next month.

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