What’s been happening at Keller Postman UK in September 2023?


In our regular monthly update, we share the latest news from Keller Postman UK.

We launched a Birmingham Council equal pay action

In September 2023, Birmingham City Council issued a Section 114 notice. As a result, spending on all but essential services will now be stopped.   

The reason for the financial collapse has been linked to the Council’s inability to meet the £760 million it owes following multiple equal pay claims. But while some Council leaders have tried to blame those workers fighting for equality for the crisis, the bottom line is that the Council owes money for unfairly discriminating against women.  But the fight for equal pay at Birmingham City Council is far from over!  

Keller Postman UK launched a group action to help those who have not yet received justice and compensation for the Council’s failures get what they are owed. 


Our Investment Fraud & Mis-selling team launched an action against St. James’s Place

St. James’s Place (SJP) provides financial planning and investment services. But not all SJP’s 850,000 plus clients are getting the service they expect and pay for.  

      • Bad financial advice has resulted in some SJP clients making inappropriate investments, often with a higher risk profile than suitable 
      • Some SJP clients have been misled about the potential performance expectations of the funds they invested in  
      • Some clients have paid significantly more to invest with SJP, despite almost identical but cheaper funds being available  
      • Many SJP clients are paying regular, and sometimes substantial, adviser fees for a review service they are not receiving  
      • Others have seen significant fee increases since investing with SJP.  

Keller Postman UK has launched a group action to help affected SJP clients get compensation for this negligence, mis-selling and overcharging. 


The Metropolitan Police data breach reached other forces

In August 2023, the Metropolitan Police (the Met) experienced a data breach after a cyber security incident. The breach happened after an unauthorised party gained access to the systems of one of the force’s suppliers. The security failure involved Digital ID, a company which makes warrant cards and identification badges.  

In September, police officers at Greater Manchester Police (GMP) were told that they were also involved in the Digital ID data breach. Other forces may also have been affected. Indeed, according to GMP the breach “concerns policing organisations on a national scale”. 

At this time, our action is only open to officers at the Met. 


We launched a Fresca Group data breach action

Our data protection lawyers were alerted to a data breach at Fresca Group. The largest privately-owned supplier of fruit and vegetables in the UK, Fresca Group is a parent and holding company for a mix of wholly owned and joint venture trading businesses.     


We look forward to bringing you more news from across our business next month.  

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